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Welcome to!
Published: 2/28/2020
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Welcome to!

What’s you ask? It’s a game changer for the City of Novi’s communications efforts and our new, community website that will serve as the centralized source for all things Novi.

The general purpose of the website is to provide information and news about Novi, our residents, schools, businesses and community organizations; and to promote the economic welfare, tourism and industry of the city. We are not doing away with the city’s main website, rather we envision serving as a complement to that site. This is where we will tell our stories - about the residents who band together to help a neighbor or the new business who recently chose to call Novi home.

The City currently utilizes a variety of communication avenues for residents and businesses to share municipal information, including the City’s main website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Nextdoor, e-newsletters, videos and printed publications such as the Engage magazine. Although we have had great success and take pride in our City communication efforts, an important outlet for all Novi-related (non-City items) items was missing, and is here to fill that space.

To that extent, we are also looking for your help to tell the Novi story. As you can see in the top right corner of the web page there is a “Submit A Story” button. Simply click the button and fill in the appropriate areas with your information.

What should you submit? Anything you may deem newsworthy to our residents, businesses and visitors (and complies with our Terms of Use, of course). To the extent that the City welcomes story submissions to be featured on the site, the site is intended to function as a non-public forum for government speech and content related to the purpose of the site. The site is not intended to serve as a forum for public debate, commentary, or interaction between site users. The site is not open for political campaigning or partisan political purposes.

Bookmark today and keep tabs on all the great things happening in OUR Novi!