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Unleash your technological creativity at DetroitHacks -Jun 27
Published: 6/16/2023
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Exclusively designed for high school students, the DetroitHacks 2023 hackathon promises an exceptional platform to showcase coding skills, learn from industry experts, and seize the opportunity to win incredible prizes. It is scheduled to take place on June 27, 2023, from 11 AM to 3:30 PM, at Novi Public Library, and students can sign up by visiting the official website,, or directly through the following link: The hackathon is free of cost to all attendees, and furthermore, are welcomed to indulge in complimentary lunches and snacks throughout the event. DetroitHacks offers a wealth of opportunities to participants. Not only will competitors have the chance to network with industry professionals and high-achieving students, but they will also compete for a chance to win incredible rewards. The hackathon organizers, fellow high school students Jason Dominic and Yash Anil, have curated an array of awards and prizes that will undoubtedly motivate and reward the most outstanding talents. “We wanted to foster an already thriving community of youth programmers, a demographic that truly has so much gifted potential.” says Jason, an incoming senior at Novi. One of the highlights of DetroitHacks is the presence of Eric Lesage, the Director of AI Business Development at an international semiconductor company and a distinguished graduate of Columbia University's AI and Machine Learning PHD program. As the special guest speaker, he will share invaluable insights and knowledge garnered from his extensive experience in the field, providing a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insight directly from an industry expert. Regardless of coding knowledge, all students are encouraged to participate in DetroitHacks. The hackathon offers a jeopardy-based format, ensuring an engaging and dynamic atmosphere where participants can put their skills to the test, collaborate with fellow students, and tackle intriguing challenges head-on. If you possess an unwavering passion for coding and aspire to contribute to the resounding success of this event, DetroitHacks is just for you. Prepare to immerse yourself in a collaborative environment, where innovation thrives and young minds show the compelling power of their creativity.