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TennisTEC™ Brings the First Tennis Simulator to Market in the Nation
Published: 12/16/2022
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The sport of tennis is growing. With approximately 22.6 million participants and total racquet sales increasing by 22.7% in 2021, tennis players are looking for more places to play, train and analyze their game at TennisTEC™. Detroit has become a hotbed for startups. Now, it brings the nation's first tennis simulator for players of all abilities and accessibility to play, train and entertain. TennisTEC™, a Michigan-based company, is supplying the demand for a range of tennis athletes, from those learning to start with proper techniques to advanced players looking for court strategies. TennisTEC™ uses the latest tennis analytics and video-capturing software, similar to what the pros use, to break down players' strokes, serves and rallies with Dartfish technology. That allows players to practice on their simulator for training, building endurance and having fun.

After researching the tennis market and industry for a simulator in the sport, Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) coach and serial entrepreneur Thành Tran found a partner in Golfzon, an award-winning golf simulator manufacturer from South Korea. TennisTEC™ will become the U.S. distributor of Golfzon's Tennispot simulator, which has over 150 practice, rally, solo and gaming modes for all kinds of tennis drills and entertainment. Thành founded TennicTEC with his two co-founders, Myles Gelóneck, a tennis friend, and Justin Tran, Thành's 16-year-old son and Detroit Catholic Central Varsity Tennis Captain. Together, they retrofitted the program to make it inclusive for wheelchair players. Chris Kelly, University of Michigan Wheelchair Tennis Coach and 2019 USTA Wheelchair National Champion, was an early tester. He said, "Representation in sport is so important and it was clear that Thành at TennisTEC prioritized making the stimulator and environment inclusive and welcoming to wheelchair tennis players". "It's a great time to introduce our services to the tennis community," said Thành. In the U.S., the sport grew for the second straight year in participation and equipment in 2021. Racquets priced $50 and above increased by 49.2% from 2020, which showed players are getting more serious and advancing in the sport using better racquets like Diadem, a TennisTEC™-sponsored company.

Southeast Michigan has a large tennis community, and the startup has already begun outreaching to them with high school and adult league sponsorships even before they are open for business. Thành believes that the startup's success will directly depend on the community and making it affordable for all players. Here are some costs that they have competitively placed: - $30 for 30-minutes on the simulator and $50 for 60-minutes; add $40 for a PTR/USTPA Coach - $30 for racquet stringing and the strings are free - $150 for technique and match analysis - Program fees are $15-$150 for circuit tennis workout, adult open practice, kid camps and wheelchair classes - Packages are $300-$1000 and it includes 4-6 weeks of technique and match video analyses and training with a coach on the simulator to work on the technique and strategies - Membership fees are $50-$100 per month (or $500-1000 annually with 2 months free); players will receive one free diadem racquet ($200+ value); get a new racquet every 2-4 years if they return the old racquets in playing condition; and 15-40% discount on all products, programs and services. - For tennis clubs, schools and community centers, owning and customizing your own tennis simulator is also possible starting at $55,000. TennisTEC™ opens its doors on Monday, Jan. 23, 2023, with store hours of 10a-8p MTWTF and 10a-5p on Saturday.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at the Novi Chamber of Commerce on Friday, Jan. 29, at 9a-11a. Come join the celebration and bring your racquet for a test run! This announcement comes on the heels of the USTA Midwest Tennis & Education Foundation announcing a wheelchair grant for Accelerate4KIDS and TennisTEC™. About TennisTEC™ TennisTEC™ was founded by Thành Tran, Professional Tennis Registry Coach, United StatesTennis Association Midwest SE Michigan Board of Directors, Amazon bestselling author, and Executive Director of Accelerate4KIDS Foundation. His co-founders are Myles Goleneck, a tennis friend, and Justin Tran, his 16-year-old son and the Varsity Tennis Captain for Detroit Catholic Central. TennisTEC™ is a franchise model and U.S. distributor of the Tennispot simulator. Our mission is to help people of all abilities and accessibility to play better using the latest video analysis technology and the world's best tennis simulator. Our tagline is "Play. Train. Analyze Your Game." Subscribe to our newsletter on our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @theTennisTEC