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Storage facility allows for continued growth in Novi
Published: 9/2/2020
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The Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office has started construction on a new 1-million-gallon underground storage facility and a pump station with 5-million-gallon-per-day capacity to facilitate growth in Novi. The $13.5 million project will store excess flow from heavy rains in the new facility from the existing Huron-Rouge Sewage Disposal System in Novi.
“This new, highly equipped sewage retention facility is meeting a need in a rapidly growing community by addressing the effects of heavy rain in the Novi area," said Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash. "The facility will store flow in the event of rain and will discharge after to minimize the volumes in the pipe downstream, allowing for continued growth and fewer overflows.”
The project is expected to be completed in December 2021. In addition to the new sewage retention facility and pump station, the project will include the following:
  • An underground concrete diversion structure that includes bypass, gates, weirs, baffles and other equipment for diverting flow from the sewage disposal system into the new pump station which will pump the diverted flow into the new facility
  • An underground concrete dewatering chamber
  • A flushing system for the new dewatering chamber and pump station with provisions for future expansion, if needed
  • A 296-square-foot building
  • Paved access drive and parking area
  • Natural gas-fired generator to provide emergency power to the facility
  • Landscaping, lighting and other outdoor features
  • A pathway through Rotary Park above the buried facility