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Rhus geranium
Rhus geranium
Spring is for Native Plants
Published: 2/15/2024
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Even though we’re in the middle of February, it’s not too early to start thinking about how you can beautify your yard this year. This year, think about how you also might enliven it by attracting more bees, birds and butterflies. Native plants are the best way to do that as they are beautiful on their own, but also are much more attractive to the little creatures that make our lives more fulfilling, as sources of food, cover and nesting sites.

You can start daydreaming and planning by going to the Oakland Conservation Spring Tree and Shrub sale website ( to see what you can order now to plant in May. Most of the plants they are offering are native to Michigan, and many also provide valuable food for birds and other wildlife.

If you want to go beyond adding trees and shrubs, there are also a growing number of native plant nurseries that also sell trees and shrubs, but have native grasses, ferns and wildflowers for sale too. Here are some in southern Michigan, in alphabetical order: Detroit Wildflower Farm (Farmington Hills), Feral Flora (Ann Arbor), Michiganense Natives (Novi/Plymouth), New Leaf Natives (Manchester), Wildtype Nursery (Mason) and Ypsilanti Wildflower Farm (Ypsilanti). They all have websites with the plants they offer so you can shop from your comfortable warm home.

There are also other native plant nurseries around the state and mail order nurseries in other states, but these are local growers that are just a short drive from Novi and are sure to have what you need to add action and color to your yard. Keep in mind that the plants available in most of these nurseries are not big, but they grow quickly and are more affordable than larger plants are (and easier to plant). Start planning so you can start planting!