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RRRASOC asking residents to not bag recyclables
Published: 9/16/2020
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Did you know almost half of the contamination that comes through RRRASOC's sorting facility is bagged recycling?
Bagged recyclables often get thrown away because the highly automated sorting process cannot tear open the bag to access the materials.
That's not the only issue that arises when it comes to plastic bags. Have you ever heard of the term "tanglers"? Tanglers are items that wrap around the machines that sort the materials. Other tanglers include wire hangers, ropes and chains, cords and wires, plastic wrap, clothing, and hoses.
The only way to remove these tanglers is to shut down the entire sorting process and manually cut the tanglers from the machine. As you can imagine, this causes production downtime, increased operational expenses, equipment failure and worker safety concerns.
Help us keep bagged recyclables and tanglers out of the recycling process. Always keep recyclables loose and always follow the recycling guidelines!