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Oakland County Native Plant Giveaway
Published: 5/2/2023
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Oakland County is hosting a Native Plant Giveaway for Oakland County residents. Native plants provide beauty as well as food and habitat for butterflies, pollinators and other wildlife. You can register for a native plant kit focused on different environmental conditions to be sure they do well in your yard.

The website below provides detailed information about the some of the benefits plants list benefits of native plants, growing them, and, of course, how to sign up to get free plants to plant in your yard. Registration begins on May 17 so put that date, and the link, on your calendar to register for your native plants. 

Another video below describes the benefits of native plants and how you can help the world by planting native plants in your yard. You can add additional beauty and interest in your yard with native plants. If you do plant more natives, you'll be glad you did.