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Novi resident wants to help tell your story
Published: 5/6/2021
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This one-of-a-kind video will highlight your life in the most significant and personal way possible, as it is shared through your very own words.

Novi resident Jayson Medina is the owner of My Legacy Remembered, and created the business to help people connect with their loved ones in a way that was not only personal and heartfelt, but timeless and innovative as well. I wanted to create something enduring, something that speaks from the heart, a gift that will be cherished by those we love, even long after we are gone.

"I was extremely close with my grandmother, and she lost a battle to cancer several years ago. One thing that I’ve realized after talking with friends and whatnot, is that oftentimes, when grandparents pass, the family ties become weak. A lot of traditions and holidays aren’t the same, and many families lose touch as a result of that," Medina said.

A legacy video allows grandparents and parents to have a platform to tell their story, share words of wisdom, and most importantly, to preserve family history. This is something that can be passed down and celebrated for generations. This helps families stay connected to their lineage, as well as giving them something meaningful they can hold onto. 

In addition to this, Medina also offers a variety of other videography services such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, and quick advertisements for small businesses.

"My main goal however, is to create legacy videos for families- that is what I am most passionate about."

To learn more about My Legacy Remembered, visit or call 517.410.8714.