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MSU Tollgate Farm Teen Leadership Program
Published: 3/29/2024
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Do you know youth ages 13-19 interested in spending time outdoors on Tollgate Farm serving as mentors for young campers and assistants to the adult camp staff? Yep, it's that time of year to sign up to be in the MSU Tollgate Farm Stewards Teen Leadership Program. Tollgate farm camp stewards and stewards-in-training build confidence, resilience, leadership, service, friendships, practical life skills, and fun in their lives! 
Most years, 70-80 youth serve one or more weeks as Tollgate Stewards or Stewards-in-Training. Spaces fill quickly. Cost to be a steward-in-training (ages 13-14) is $200 per week. Stewards (ages 15-19) are volunteers. Both earn community service hours. #farmfriendsfun #stewardship #whataretheyouthdoing