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Longtime Novi Bowl owner battling health issues
Published: 2/23/2021
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Novi Bowl owner Jerry Harris has always had a smile on his face and an infectious laugh which makes us smile. He has always been willing to give so unselfishly to many groups of people, organizations, and businesses.

So now I would like to take this moment to please ask to find it in your heart to give back to Jerry and his family. Since November, Jerry had been experiencing health issues and they were not fully diagnosed until now. He was hospitalized with COVID-19, pneumonia, and a UTI, and since then his daily life has not been the same. He started experiencing multiple strokes almost daily and many hospital visits later, they discovered a brain tumor that they believe has spread throughout his body.

This condition has severely disrupted his lifestyle, deeming him unfit to run the family business, (a business he truly loved) the family’s main source of income. With this loss, the family will also lose all health insurance benefits in just a few short weeks. He has been suffering a significant number of falls due to loss of control of his body, and recently broke his nose, wrists, and his ankle exiting his CT scan. He now remains in the hospital but believe he will be transported to a rehab facility in the near future due to his medical conditions progressing so rapidly.

If there is any way you could help out the Harris family it would be greatly appreciated. We know times are tough, if you cannot help out financially, thoughts, prayers, and shares of their story is very much appreciated.

Written by the Harris Family, Tari Rutkowski, & Roberta.

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