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Leaves Falling in the Summer - Tuliptree Leaf Drop
Published: 7/25/2022
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Summer is a time of gorgeous, green foliage. It is a great time to appreciate the beauty of trees and the shade they provide us, among their many other benefits. However, you may find views that bring fall to mind, rather than summer. Come the warmer months of summer, trees can face problems due to hot and dry conditions. Have you noticed the tuliptrees around you dropping yellow leaves like it is autumn? This is a phenomenon called tuliptree leaf drop and is generally not a cause for concern. Rather, it is a very normal and annual response for tuliptrees to drought stress in the summer months. The tree is attempting to conserve its water supply, and you can help the tree by watering it. Most water absorption happens around the drip line of the tree, so that’s where watering efforts should be focused. Occasional, long soaks are particularly beneficial to the tree, rather than more frequent short bursts of watering. Leaves turning yellow intermittently throughout the crown of the tree—sometimes with black or brown spots—is the sign of tuliptree leaf drop. If large sections of the tree exclusive to one part of the crown are turning a different color, then it could be indicative of a different underlying problem.