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Contact Kelly Petcou for your real estate needs
Published: 3/4/2020
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Kelly Petcou has over 20 year of experience in Novi market in real estate services. She enjoys living in Novi and appreciates all the amenities that Novi offers.

She has found a love and passion for buying and selling homes, whether it’s a first time buyer looking for a budget friendly home to that family that has grown out of their home, or even for the business professional looking for new adventure. She also can appraise your homes for bank, private, estate, divorce, and tax appeal.
She has local "Novi" Market Trends on her website and a free MLS searcher.She also has software and expertise to measure homes and do floor plans, along with technology to walk with you on site and see property lines. She prides herself on negotiating listing fees that are fair and reasonable.
Visit her website today to learn more!