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City's Invasive Species Treatments to Begin
Published: 8/25/2022
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The City of Novi, in our continuing effort to improve the conditions of our natural habitats, has contracted with PLM to treat Japanese knotweed, Phragmites australis and Crown vetch in a number of natural areas in the city.

There is no danger to animal or humans from any of the work that will be done. All of the targeted species are very invasive and can dominate an area to the extent that natural plants cannot survive and animals that would normally be found in area do not find it useful for their survival.

They will begin their work next week. The first treatments will be for Japanese knotweed, in Rotary Park, Lakeshore Park and a city parcel near Taft and Ten Mile Roads.

Phragmites australis will be chemically treated in September in a number of areas around the city – both parks and rights-of-way. A large population of Crown vetch along Bond Street will be treated to keep it from overtaking the numerous shrubs that we’ve planted there to improve the habitat for songbirds.

If you, your HOA or your business have populations of any of these invasive weeds that you would like to get rid of, you can have them treated by PLM under the city’s ANC permit. You would be responsible for paying for your treatments, but by using the city’s permit you can streamline your efforts a great deal. If you have any questions about any of the above, contact Rick Meader at or (248) 735-5621.