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Better Health in 2021 - 6 Health 'Trends'
Published: 1/4/2021
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The Better Health Market & Café in Novi, 14 locations statewide, has the answers: 2021 health trends are sensible lifestyles focusing on immunity and wellness.

With New Year's resolutions about shedding extra pounds gained while stress eating during the lockdown, here's how to make 2021 better:

IN for 2021
Immunity Lifestyles - Boosting immunity is good for metabolism and health. Organic foods of citrus fruits, greens, garlic, ginger, nuts and vitamins of D, C , Zinc, Elderberry and Melatonin aimed at reducing the toxic load in the body from food pesticides – it means our systems can instead focus on other foreign invaders, like building immunity.
Plant Based Diets - From plant butter to plant-based meats. The taste keeps getting better for the environment and health.
Anti-Inflammation Diets - Greens like spinach and kale; almonds, walnuts, salmon, tuna, berries, turmeric. Helps the body's immune system.
Mental Self Care - It's okay to admit you have anxiety or depression that impacts sleep. Melatonin and Ashwaganda herbs are trending and said to help as is Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Flax and Fish supplements.
Keto with Hormone Free Meats - Provides the Bs and Proteins for wellness and weight loss.
Low Sugar Diets - New low sugar yogurts, chocolates, functional beverages (for energy, digestion, inflammation, weight loss). Even low sugar ketchups!

2021 focuses on wellness staples:
Vitamin C - Immune function.
Vitamin D - Immune system fight bacteria and viruses.
Zinc - Immunity, resistance to infection, proper development for nervous system.
Elderberry - The National Institute of Health says "preliminary research suggests elderberry may relieve (or abbreviate) symptoms of flu or other upper respiratory infections."

What's Out?
Misleading labels - Here is a list of ingredients that Better Health Stores do not allow on its shelves: 
Radically Going Against Your appetite – Trends which avoid eating should be avoided. We all need nutrition.

At Better Health Markets, nutrition experts guide customers into their areas of comfort to improve wellness. How to eat to get the daily nutrition needed for wellness? Juicing and smoothies are wildly popular - they pack a lot of nutrients into one cup.

In 2021, it's trendy to be sensible and feed your mind and body.