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Beautification Committee
Published: 5/3/2021
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The Beautification Commission consists of nine members.  The commission helps to evaluate the entries for the city’s Neighborhood Entryway Enhancement Matching Grant Program by a predetermined set of guidelines.  The commission helped with the inception, design and coordination of the “Beautiful Half Mile” which features various plantings in front of the Novi Civic Center and Police Station, and extends west on Ten Mile Road.  The commission also created and maintains the Fuerst Park Monarch Waystation and is involved in various beautification projects and public events.


Three years


Second Monday of each month at 5:30pm
     Agenda and Minutes


Novi Civic Center


Meetings run approximately one hour, depending on agenda.

Current Membership

Vinit Gupta
Jan Lach
Cindy Lang
Courtney Opalko
Shaun Page
Christen Pietraz
Isaly Szetela
Celia Todd
Laura Williams

Staff Liaison

Simone Bell

Vegetables That Grow In Less Than 2 Months

Click here to view vegetables that grow in less than 2 months

Lights Out for Birds During Peak Migration

Peak migration for birds is March - May and August - October, 11pm - 6am

Two thirds of all songbirds migrate at night and light pollution can cause them to become confused.  Tracy Aviary encourages everyone to turn off all unnecessary lights.  If this is not an option, use warm white or yellow colored light bulbs, shield your light bulbs to direct light down, and install motion sensors.  If working indoors at night, close the drapes.

More info at

Rain Gardens

An Informative Guide to Rain Gardens

A Rain Garden is constructed to direct rain runoff from hard surfaces such as roofs, driveways and lawns. To learn more about Rain Gardens, check out this “Informative Guide to Rain Gardens.” (make this the clickable link). The City partnered with MSU Tollgate Extension Center to create a Demonstration Rain Garden to set an example for someone interested in creating their own. The garden was awarded the Michigan Plaque by Keep Michigan Beautiful as a leader in beautifying Michigan.

Butterfly Gardens

You can attract butterflies and birds in your yard without too much effort. We have created a number of sample garden designs you can use in your yard or modify to use plants you like. We also have a list of plants that support butterflies in different ways to help you individualize your butterfly garden. In order to support healthy populations of butterflies, we need to have both nectar-producing and larval host plants, so consider that as you choose your plants. The gardens listed below are by shape and soil moisture.

Butterfly Garden Plants
Butterfly Gardens
Butterfly Gardens - Corner
Butterfly Gardens - Rectangle
Butterfly Gardens - Square
Watch the video The Benefits of Butterfly Gardens


Pollinator Habitat

Click here for new resources in Michigan providing seeds for pollinator habitat