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Ascension Hospital to open Women's Heart Clinic
Published: 1/20/2022
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The general assumption that heart disease is a health issue only for men still exists today. Awareness of heart disease as an issue for women still needs to gain understanding and acceptance – especially by women.

It’s something Dr. Nishtha Sareen knows must change and why she is leading the Women’s Heart Clinic at Ascension Providence Hospital. The clinic recently opened at the Southfield hospital and is expected to open at the Novi hospital in the coming months.

“Ascension’s focus on providing compassionate, personalized care is important,” said Dr. Sareen. “Women definitely need personalized care when it comes to heart health because there are many differences in the way heart disease presents itself in women.”

Dr. Sareen said 70% of women who have a heart attack don’t have the typical symptoms. She also noted that women often ignore signs because they are more worried about taking care of everyone else in their lives instead of themselves.

The new Women’s Heart Clinic takes into account the unique ways heart disease presents itself in women, including (but not limited to):
• Pregnancy-related heart health
• Heart care for women with cancer
• Early menopause and heart disease
• Autoimmune diseases (such as Lupus) and the heart
• Blood lipids management and heart health
• Diabetes related heart disease

The goal of the clinic is to help women who are at risk - or currently have heart disease - achieve and maintain optimal heart health. An evaluation and care model has been designed to specifically address the unique ways heart disease presents and manifests itself in women of all ages.

The Ascension Providence Women’s Heart Clinic provides advanced diagnostics and treatment therapies and works together with specialists from multiple disciplines.

“We want everyone to get the most appropriate care for their individual situation, and we believe the Women’s Heart Clinic helps us achieve that” Dr. Sareen said.

For more information about the Women’s Heart Clinic at Ascension Providence, visit or call (248) 849-2280.