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7-10-year-old-class-at-Akula-Taekwondo-Wixom-MI-Martial-Arts-School Girls-during-April-1,-2022-Belt-Testing-at-Akula-Taekwondo-Wixom-MI-Martial-Arts-School Girls-practice-kicking-at-Akula-Taekwondo-Novi-MI-martial-arts-school Group-of-Students-after-Belt-Testing-on-April-1,-2022-at-Akula-Taekwondo-Wixom,-MI-Martial-Arts-Scho Students-practice-kicking-drills-at-Akula-Taekwondo-Wixom-MI-martial-arts-school
7-10-year-old-class-at-Akula-Taekwondo-Wixom-MI-Martial-Arts-School Girls-during-April-1,-2022-Belt-Testing-at-Akula-Taekwondo-Wixom-MI-Martial-Arts-School Girls-practice-kicking-at-Akula-Taekwondo-Novi-MI-martial-arts-school
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Akula Taekwondo moves to Beck Business Center
Published: 4/4/2022
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Akula Taekwondo, founded in 2019 by Joseph Tegler, has moved from its original location on the corner of Grand River and Meadowbrook in Novi to a new location in the Beck Business Center in Wixom.

The new location boasts expanded mat space, a parent waiting room, and ample parking. Akula Taekwondo offers 27 martial arts classes per week for students ages five to adult. Instruction focuses on traditional martial arts training philosophies, balanced with modern fitness principles. The curriculum includes fitness training, forms, sparring, and self-defense.

“Something we do differently from most martial arts schools is that we divide classes by age and rank,” says Head Instructor Joseph Tegler. “We want to make sure we’re meeting the needs of various ages and skill levels. So, instead of having very large classes with students of all ages and ranks on the mat at the same time, we offer a variety of classes to ensure that students are in the best learning group for their level of development.”

Taekwondo is a perfect sport for those who prefer setting individual goals, for anyone looking to try something new, or for athletes interested in an amazing cross-training discipline. Participating in a martial arts program enhances physical fitness, teaches self-defense strategies, and instills core values such as honor, hard work, and respect. Students are encouraged to support their classmates and celebrate peers’ successes.

“Friday, we had our first Belt Testing at the Wixom location,” says Tegler. “The next day, when a student who had just earned his Blue Belt arrived at the studio, his classmates stopped what they were doing to clap and congratulate him. We have an absolutely amazing group of kids who train with us.”

Akula Taekwondo ​​follows the World Taekwondo (WT) system–the biggest martial arts system in the world. Many students who learn Taekwondo as children join college Taekwondo teams and clubs. Thus, their martial art provides them with opportunities for maintaining physical and mental health, and for developing life-long friendships.

For information about Akula Taekwondo, please call or text 248-221-2466 or visit