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Tips for a safe Halloween amidst COVID-19
Published: 9/23/2020
Add Halloween to the list of holidays and events impacted by the coronavirus pandemic this year. But just  because going door-to-door to fill pillow cases with candy isn’t going to be encouraged, it doesn’t mean Novi residents should nix Halloween altogether. In fact, we are expecting our residents to do what they do best – be
creative and find new ways for kids to have a modified trick-or-treat experience that keeps them safe. We have come up with some tips and ideas of our own to help children and adults stay safe and have fun. Traditionally, trick-or-treat hours in Novi are between 6-8pm (but is anything traditional in 2020?)

The drive-by birthday, anniversary, graduation celebrations have become popular during the pandemic so why not trick-or-treating, too? Coordinate with your neighborhood or just some neighbors to have the kids dress up in their costumes and hang out in their yards while neighbors drive slowly down the street and gently throw candy from their vehicles. Adults get to see all the cute and creative costumes, while kids score their favorite candies.

Instead of kids coming on the porch and having candy put in their bag, set up an area in your front yard or driveway where kids can pick up the candy themselves while you sit a safe distance away. Kids still get to dress up and sprint through the neighborhoods to see who can get the most candy without the in-person contact. You can even have a couple bottles of hand sanitizer available so their hands are clean after loading up on candy.

Masks and Halloween have always gone hand-in-hand so now is a perfect time to have some fun with your face covering. You can make your own cloth mask into the perfect Halloween accessory by drawing on it to match your costume. Even if it doesn’t work perfectly, you can find a mask to compliment your look like a camo one for a soldier or iridescent fabric for a mermaid. You can even add a face shield over top of your mask for a cool addition to an astronaut, hazmat or alien costume.

If you don’t feel comfortable heading out to random homes on Halloween, plan a party at home for those in your bubble. You can make a fun haunted house in the backyard or basement, organize crafts, play spooky movies or set up a candy scavenger hunt around the house.

Whatever you decide to do for Halloween, make sure it’s safe and that you put a premium on fun. Kids are a resilient bunch and will love whatever you decide to do (especially if they get candy). You never know…maybe one of these new ideas sticks and becomes one of your annual Halloween traditions.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has also issued guidance on how to safely celebrate the holiday during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can read their information here.