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Novi extends outdoor seating to help businesses
Published: 9/16/2020
The City of Novi has extended its Temporary Outdoor Gathering resolution through October 31 and is allowing enclosed/heated/lighted tents to assist businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

A permit is required by the Novi Community Development Department and an expedited review process has been established for the application. You can find the rules and application by clicking here.

Temporary fabric canopies and umbrellas of up to 10 ft. x 10 ft. are allowed, provided that 10 ft. of clearance is maintained between individual canopies and buildings. Tents of up to 40 ft. x 60 ft. are allowed if located a minimum of 20 feet from buildings and other tents, 20 feet from front property lines and 10 feet from side and rear property lines. Tents with sides of any type require exit and emergency signs with battery backup (electrical permit required). Tents may be heated with indirect non-solid fuel sources only located a minimum of 10 feet from any tent or building. Refueling must take place a minimum of 20 feet from any tent or building. All heating appliances and fuel storage must be listed and installed/operated in accordance with the listing and applicable codes. Fuel sources must comply with Fire Code requirements. Open flames are not allowed. All tents must have sufficient 2A10BC fire extinguishers within maximum 75 foot travel distance of all portions of the tent. No cooking may take place within a tent.

A tent may be installed for retail/bar/restaurant use directly adjacent to a single standalone non-sprinkled building provided the total area of the building and tent does not exceed 6000 square feet. Independent exits and egress must be maintained. All other above restrictions apply.

Open flames, fire features, cooking, and heaters are not allowed except as noted above. Electrical lighting and equipment must be exterior rated, served by weather proof and GFI protected circuits, and be protected so as to prevent tripping and damage.

All merchandise displays, chairs, tables, umbrellas, and other fixtures must be secured against overturning, winds, etc. All merchandise must be moved indoors and secured at close of business.

Tenants must provide written approval of application from their landlord or authorized representative. Multi-tenant properties must comply with the guidance of the property owner or manager regarding parking lot usage.

Trash and waste must be removed and properly disposed as needed, but at a minimum at the close of every business day.