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Ascension's guide to a fun & safe summer
Published: 7/21/2020
It’s hard to top summertime in Michigan…even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. This summer we find ourselves doing more “staycations” or making the occasional trip up north or to the west side of the state to get away.

Everyone’s comfort level is different in terms of how much they would like to expand their “bubble,” but according to a pair of doctors from Ascension Providence Hospital, Novi Campus, summer is still a time to celebrate – albeit smartly.

“We want people to feel uplifted, but they still need to be cognizant we are in the time of a national pandemic,” said Dr. Ruby Sooch, Medical Director, Department of Emergency Medicine. “Even though summers are short and we want to wish this virus away, there will be ebbs and flows. We have some effect on how this will impact us in terms of safety by wearing our masks, practicing social distancing and washing our hands.”

Dr. Sooch said it is of the utmost importance that people take care of themselves both physically and mentally during this time. She praises the community for how well they have adapted and doesn’t want fear to bring people’s immunity down.

It has been awesome to see neighborhoods and parks buzzing with activity as families gather for bike rides and walks and take time to explore the wonderful parks and trails. As Dr. Sooch says, “It’s important to embrace what we can control and let go of what we cannot.”

The summer safety tips of wear suntan lotion, drink a lot of water, wear your helmet when biking and don’t run by the pool still apply. We just have to add to those wear a mask, stay six feet apart, wash your hands and avoid large social gatherings. Or in essence, use common sense and respect those around you.

“We have all been cooped up a long time and everyone wants to get out,” said Dr. Andrew Vosburgh, Corporate Medical Director, Ascension Michigan at Work. “We want you to get out as well, but do so safely. Enjoy yourself and be considerate of other people.”

Vosburgh said he doesn’t believe COVID-19 should stop people from living life. He encourages people to go camping or head to the beach or pool so long as they follow the aforementioned rules. You should always be asking yourself if you have your mask when you go indoors, whether it’s to the camp store or the restroom, and if you touch something wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

“Summer in Michigan is very short so we should celebrate it,” Vosburgh said, noting that being active is not only good for our physical well-being but our mental one as well.

Speaking of mental well-being, Ascension also offers a variety of classes and events focused on health education, community and support groups. All of these programs are currently being held virtually and are open to the public. To learn about what is being offered, visit or call 248.849.5752.

Joe Hurshe, President, Ascension Providence Hospital Novi and Southfield Campus, Chief Operating Officer, Ascension Michigan added, “We are proud to be the community’s trusted healthcare partner. It is an honor to provide nationally recognized medical expertise and high-quality care. Our physicians, medical staff and
associates are here in the event of an emergency and for all your healthcare needs.”