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Novi Schools reports of middle school assault, ongoing dispute
April 19, 2017

NOVI, MI - In a message to parents last evening, Novi Superintendent Dr. Steve Matthews stated:

Yesterday, April 17, as students arrived at the Novi Middle School, a middle school girl assaulted another middle school student as she entered the cafeteria doors. Students with cellphones captured the incident on video. Someone shared that video with the news media.

The incident between the girls had started in the stands on Thursday, April 13, at the Staff vs. 8th Grade Basketball Game. We believed we had resolved that incident and thought the long weekend would calm the waters. After school started on Monday, administrators were going to follow up to ensure that the issue had been resolved.

Obviously the issue festered over the weekend and escalated on Monday before school started.

This behavior is clearly unacceptable. Appropriate disciplinary actions have been taken.