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Rep. Kathy Crawford introduces bill to curb opioid abuse
March 20, 2017

LANSING, MI - State Rep. Kathy Crawford (R-Novi) introduced a bill last week that would allow pharmacists to use their professional judgment to refuse a prescription for a controlled substance.

Many pharmacists have expressed they often believe that certain prescriptions were not written in good faith, or filled without a legitimate medical purpose, but do not refuse the prescription because they fear the liabilities that could result. Under the new legislation, pharmacists would be allowed to refuse what they consider questionable prescriptions without legal ramifications.

“Giving pharmacists this freedom gives greater safety against drug abuse and drug-related death,” said Rep. Crawford. “Providing legal immunity furthers their confidence in denying questionable prescriptions.”

Prescription drug abuse has become one of the fastest-growing public health concerns in the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that prescription painkiller overdoses resulted in over 15,500 deaths in 2009 alone.

House Bill 4405 was referred to the House Health Policy Committee.