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Novi Police catch boys responsible for 14 cases of vandalism last week
Three teens admit to causing mayhem in south-east Novi following party

March 2, 2017

NOVI, MI - Novi Detectives were able to identify one 14 year-old and two 15 year-old males as suspects in a string of vandalism incidents last Monday evening. Novi Schools were on Winter Break at the time.

The investigation revealed the juveniles walked away from a party in the area and reportedly vandalized 4 mailboxes, a vehicle windshield, 15 vehicle tires (slashed) and various landscape lights. They also allegedly egged a house.

Confessions have been obtained and criminal charges along with restitution will be sought through the Family Division of the Oakland County Circuit Court. A

Asst. Chief Jerrod Hart of the Novi Police Dept. notes, "Although we are disappointed that young members of our community chose to engage in such criminal behavior, we are proud of the relentless follow up from our investigators who provided closure for those whose property was damaged."

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