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Former City of Novi Human Resources staffer sues city
January 4, 2017

DETROIT, MI - In a complaint filed last month in federal court in Detroit, a former City of Novi Human Resources employee alleges the city violated the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Michigan Civil Rights Act (MCRA), and fired her.

In the complaint, the former employee alleges she was fired a month after returning from medical leave due to low productivity and being "untrustworthy." She also alleges inconsistent interview practices for promotions, unequal treatment of women, inconsistent treatment of nepotism, and that she was fired due to her gender.

In the city's response to the complaint filed last week in federal court, the city didn't take a position on most of the detailed allegations, but did state the city has no nepotism policy. The city broadly denied that the FMLA and MCRA were violated.

The former employee is seeking unspecified damages, and is represented by attorney Eric Frankie, a Detroit labor law specialist.

On a related note, the city has in the past few months also lost an accounting manager and three city engineers - all of whom were said to have gotten new jobs elsewhere.

Editor's note 1/5/17 7:00 a.m.: After this story was posted, we were tipped that another city engineer is leaving this week. City Manager Peter Auger informs that the city is "currently reworking the administration at the DPS."