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Milford Police save two from overdose in one week
October 25, 2016

MILFORD, MI - On Thursday, October 20, 2016, at approximately 9:38pm, Milford Emergency Responders were dispatched to the intersection of Highland Ave and West Commerce. The 911 caller observed a subject curled in a ball on the sidewalk. Milford Police were first on the scene and observed a female, later identified as a 23 year old Milford resident, unresponsive with eyes closed and twitching. The subject had shallow breathing and did not respond to external stimuli.

The responding officer administered one dose of Narcan and within thirty (30) seconds the female victim became semi-alert and began to cry. Within minutes Milford Fire personnel along with Community Emergency Medical Service (CEMS) arrived and took over medical treatment. The victim was transported to Huron Valley Hospital where she received further treatment. The victim admitted to injecting heroin earlier in the evening at a party.

In a follow-up communication from the on-scene supervisor for CEMS it was stated; “Officer Nicole Adams’ actions, on Thursday night, greatly impacted the outcome of the patient’s care.” It was further said, “Officer Adams is one of the best first responders in the Milford area”.

Two days later, on Saturday at approximately 1:16pm, Milford Emergency Responders were dispatched to a private residence in the area of South Hill and East Dawson in the Township of Milford. The 911 caller stated there was a resident of the home unconscious and blue. Milford Police were again first on the scene and observed an adult male subject lying on the floor partially inside the bathroom. The victim was turning blue and his breathing was extremely shallow.

The caller had advised the victim had a history of opiate addiction and was in recovery. The responding officer administered one dose of Narcan and within two minutes the victim began to breathe more normally and eventually regained consciousness. The patient care was turned over to Milford Fire personnel and Beaumont EMS. The victim was identified as a 32 year old resident of the home. He admitted to injecting heroin approximately fifteen (15) minutes prior to the 911 call. The victim was alert enough after treatment to walk himself to the ambulance for transport.

“I am extremely proud of both Officer Nicole Adams for her actions on October 20th and Officer Daniel Caldwell for his actions on October 22nd.” Stated Milford Police Chief, Thomas C. Lindberg. “It is a sad reality our society needs something like Narcan, however; it is satisfying to know Milford Officers have been trained and have this tool to help save lives.”

The Narcan Kits were provided to the Milford Police Department through a partnership grant with the Oakland County Department of Mental Health. No cost training was conducted through Community Emergency Medical Service (CEMS), Milford’s Ambulance service. The Milford Fire Department was trained and deployed Narcan in October 2015.

While the Narcan kits can have positive results, they are not a miracle cure and will not bring someone back to life. In order for the kits to be effective, the person must be breathing and have a pulse.