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Summary of Monday's Novi City Council meeting
September 27, 2016

NOVI, MI - The following is a summary of Monday's Novi City Council meeting.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as amended with the addition of Item N and Mayor and Council Issues: Upcoming Events.



1. Proclamation recognizing Fire Prevention Week October 9 – 15, 2016 – Jeff Johnson, Director of Emergency Services and Fire Operations




CONSENT AGENDA: Approved with the addition of Item N.

A. Approve Minutes of: 1. September 12, 2016 – Regular meeting

B. Approval and Adoption of Ordinance 16-99.17, in order to amend the City of Novi Code of Ordinances, at Chapter 15, Fire Prevention and Protection, Article 2, Fire Prevention Code, Section 15-17, Amendments, Subsection 307, Open Burning and Recreational Fire, in order to add a provision relating to prescribed burns. SECOND READING

C. Approval to grant a permanent 27-foot wide highway easement to the Road Commission for Oakland County along the Napier Road frontage of Barr Park (parcel 22-30-300-017) to create the master planned 60-foot wide half right-of-way on this parcel.

D. Approval to purchase a pathway easement from Orchard Grove Community Church along the south side of 14 Mile Road from Haverhill Farms to M-5 for construction of the 2016 Pathways Program (Parcel 22-01-100-001) in the amount of $493.

E. Approval of an Agreement between the City of Novi and the City of Wixom for an emergency connection to public water in order to provide a secondary source of water at Ryan Court.

F. Approval of the FY16/17 Winter Maintenance Agreement between the City of Novi and the Road Commission for Oakland County for snow and ice control on selected County roads in Novi; and adoption of resolution authorizing Novi to provide winter maintenance of selected County roads.

G. Approval to purchase a Zamboni 546 ice resurfacer for the Novi Ice Arena from Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc., a sole source, in the amount of $98,440.30.

H. Acceptance of a Landscape Conservation Easement, Wetland/Woodland/Open Space Conservation Easement, and Open Space Conservation Easement from Pulte Homes of Michigan, LLC for wetland, woodland, and open space conservation areas as a part of the JSP14-42 & JSP16-37 Oberlin site, located on the south side of Eleven Mile Road between Wixom Road and Beck Road in Section 20 of the City.

I. Acceptance of a Tree Preservation Easement and a Wetland Conservation Easement from Valencia South Land, LLC, offered as a part of the Valencia South development, JSP13-75, located in Section 29 on the southwest corner of Beck Road and 10 Mile Road

J. Approval of a one-year extension option of the contract for as-needed Supplemental Building & Trade Inspection Services and Plan Review Services with SAFEBuilt Michigan, LLC with a reduced rate for some services.

K. Approval of Amended Resolution Establishing Stoneridge Industrial Development District, Amended Resolution Granting Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate, and Amended Tax Abatement Agreement for Stoneridge, Inc., previously approved by City Council on May 23, 2016.

L. Approval of Resolution regarding New Video Service Local Franchise Agreement with Comcast of Colorado/Florida/Michigan/New Mexico/Pennsylvania/Washington, LLC.

M. Approval of Claims and Accounts – Warrant No. 972

N. Approval of Resolution Approving Renewal Uniform Video Service Local Franchise Agreement with Michigan Bell Telephone Company, d/b/a AT&T, Michigan.


1. Approval to award a unit price contract to RC Tuttle Refinishing Co., the low bidder, for the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Tree and Landscape Planting Project in the estimated amount of $142,095. APPROVED

2. Consideration of requests from X-Golf Novi, LLC: APPROVED

A) Consideration of a request for Special Land Use approval for service of alcoholic beverages.

B) Consideration of request to transfer ownership of escrowed 2016 Class C License with New SDM and Sunday Sales Permit (AM & PM) from San Diego Sushi, LLC, 30701 Dequindre, Madison Heights to X-Golf Novi, LLC, a new business to be located at 44325 W. Twelve Mile Road, Suite H-179, Novi, MI 48377.

3. Consideration of tentative approval of the request of McBride Dale Clarion for Speedway at 14 Mile and Haggerty, JSP 16-13, with Zoning Map Amendment 18.714, to rezone property in Section 1, located at the southwest corner of Fourteen Mile Road and Haggerty Road from OST (Planned Office Service Technology) and B-3 (General Business) to B-3 (General Business) subject to a Planned Rezoning Overlay (PRO) Plan Agreement, and corresponding PRO Concept Plan. The property totals 2.03 acres and the applicant is proposing to update and rebuild the whole site. APPROVED

4. Consideration of the request of Feldman Automotive, JSP 16-31, for Zoning Map Amendment 18.713 to rezone property in Section 23, located on the south side of Grand River Avenue, between Novi Road and Meadowbrook Road, from the RM-1, Low-Density Multiple-Family District to the P-1, Vehicular Parking District, and a waiver of the required Rezoning Traffic Impact Study. The subject property is 1.67 acres and rezoning approximately 0.9 acres. FIRST READING APPROVED

5. Approval of resolution to authorize Budget Amendment #2016-17b. APPROVED




Member Markham spoke about 2 upcoming events that she wanted to remind the public about. First, there will be officials from the Regional Transit Authority at the Novi Library on Tuesday, September 27th to present information on the ballot initiative. Secondly, the City of Novi is hosting Household Hazardous Waste Day on Saturday, October 1st from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. There will be a group called Sustainable Novi holding a workshop in the atrium to discuss sustainable practices in your home.