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Rep. Kathy Crawford welcomes 'Rep for a Day' to Lansing
September 23, 2016

LANSING, MI - State Rep. Kathy Crawford today hosted a very special guest in Lansing when Lexi Maxton joined the lawmaker as “Representative for a Day.”

Lexi was selected as the winner of Rep. Crawford’s summer reading contest. The reading contest—which took place between June and September—invited elementary school students to fill out an entry bookmark each time they completed reading 10 books to win a trip to the Capitol.

“The dedication that Lexi has shown both inside and outside the classroom is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed,” said Rep. Crawford, R-Novi. “The importance of reading cannot be stressed enough, as it is crucial to students’ future success. Students like Lexi set a prime example for their peers.”

Lexi was sworn in as “junior representative” and participated in a mock committee hearing where the students met to decide the official state dessert. Lexi and her parents toured the Capitol alongside Rep. Crawford and then had lunch with the representative.

“It was such a pleasure to have Lexi at my side today,” Rep. Crawford said. “It is clear that she will go on to do great things and will continue to set a positive example.”

Rep. Crawford plans to host a similar reading contest next summer.