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Novi mourns loss of police officer Tim Harper
Sheriff's Department handling law enforcement today in Novi

September 15, 2016  MORE INFORMATION

Members of the Novi Police Department will be out of the office today to attend the funeral of a long-time colleague Tim Harper. The Oakland County Sheriff's Office will be covering police services for the City from 7am-7pm. There will be no interruption of emergency services or calls during this time.

At Monday's city council meeting, Mayor Gatt spoke on behalf of City Council about a loss the City of Novi experienced last week. A loss that every citizen of the city, every business owner, staff member and City Council member will suffer from as a result.

Officer Harper passed away last week. He started his career in 1991 with Novi. Tim Harper was a giant of a man; big, tall and strong as an ox, yet friendly, soothing, and gentle as a lamb. He would do anything, for anyone, at any time. He was the kind of officer that the Sergeants loved because he would do it with professionalism, thoroughness, and without controversy. He was the kind of officer that administration loved because he simply came to work each day and did his job. He didn’t cause problems and was friendly to all as if they were family. He was the kind of officer his fellow patrol officers loved because he would gladly volunteer for things other officers shied away from.

For the past 13 years, Officer Harper was at nearly every Council meeting providing security, while helping citizens at the same time. Mayor Gatt thought he had been assigned that task, but was recently informed that Officer Harper volunteered to handle that assignment in order to help during shift change.

He was the kind of officer the public loved. Whether he was writing a ticket for a traffic offense, or simply stopping by a Kool-Aid stand set up by youngsters, he treated everyone with respect. He always had a smile and friendly word for everyone he met. He was the kind of father that bragged about his children to everyone and was so proud of his son and daughter.

When Tim died, he left his two children and a heartbroken Novi Police family. Mayor Gatt asked that people remember Tim and his family in their prayers.