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Summary of Monday's Novi City Council meeting
August 30, 2016

NOVI, MI - The following is a summary of Monday's Novi City Council meeting.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of a Mayor and Council issue.



1. 2016 Constitution Week Proclamation – Daughters of the American Revolution – Deb Davis, Chapter Regent




Cal and Whitney Stone thanked City Council and City of Novi for their assistance with Vibe on Main. Although it rained, it was a good event. They had a variety of vendors, including craft and food vendors. They hope to continue the event in the future. They are looking to pick a date for next year and continuing to form bigger and better relationships with the City on this event. They wanted to give a special thank you to DPS, especially Matt Wiktorowski and Jerry Orchard. They stepped up to the plate with logistics. Even though they didn’t have a huge turnout, a lot was involved in the set up and they couldn't have done this event in another city like they were able to do in Novi. They also thanked Sheryl Walsh and her staff because they realized the importance for downtown as well. For the first year, they broke even and that was fine. They didn't do it to make money but to lay the blueprint for a future festival. With a few tweaks they can turn it into a cool event.

Diana Canup, 47201 Glamorgan Drive, said last week she was inching her way down Novi Road because the traffic was stopped. She feels there is an eyesore on Novi Road that while delighted to see it still there, is an eyesore. She asked that the city reaches out to the owner of the water tower that is near the bridge on Novi Road. She is disappointed in the way it looks. It was built when she was a little girl and she has been here 70 years. If it has the City of Novi name on it, it needs to do justice to the City of Novi, and the Novi Special. She wants the City to request and make the owner perform maintenance. It's a great historical item for the City. She hopes they think about it and something gets done.

CONSENT AGENDA: Approved as presented.

A. Approve Minutes of: 1. August 8, 2016 – Regular meeting

B. Adoption of Resolution Renewing the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (PRCS) Grant Committee, consisting of two City Council members, two PRCS Commission members and the PRCS Director, for the purpose of identifying and recommending possible park grant opportunities to City Council.

C. Approval to award an amendment to the engineering services agreement with URS Corporation for construction engineering services for the 2016 Neighborhood Road Program—Contract 3 (Asphalt) in the amount of $75,104.

D. Approval of request by E & M, Inc. (Society Hill) for one-year extension, to October 9, 2017, of site plan approval for a 312-unit apartment project developed as a PD-1 Option in a multi-family (RM-1) district, located at the southwest corner of Novi Road and 12 Mile Road, previously extended under a consent judgment and subject to annual extension reviews.

E. Acceptance of a Conservation Easement from Novi Partners of Ky, LLC. for wetland conservation areas as a part of the JSP14-13 Novi Lakes Health Campus (fka Trilogy) site, located on the south side of Twelve Mile Road between Novi Road and Meadowbrook Road in Section 14 of the City.

F. Approval of a three-year agreement between the City of Novi and Tax Management Associates for Personal Property Assessment Services for an estimated cost of $46,550 for the first year.

G. Acceptance of a highway easement over parcel 22-14-301-004 from FCPT Restaurant Properties, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, for the purpose of reconstructing Crescent Boulevard east of Novi Road.

H. Approval to award engineering design services to Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment for the ITC Community Sports Park Trail (part of the ITC Corridor Regional Trail) in the amount of $38,399.

I. Approval to award a sole source procurement for the repair and upgrade of two (2) in-ground vehicle lift assemblies to Allied, Inc., the proprietary Rotary Lift provider in southeast Michigan, in the amount of $82,729.

J. Approval of a Resolution to cross over Ten Mile Road at Taft Road for the Novi High School Homecoming Parade between 5:00 PM and 5:30 PM on Friday October 7th, 2016.

K. Approval of resolution recognizing Beat the Streets Detroit as a nonprofit organization operating in the City of Novi for the purpose of obtaining a charitable gaming license from the State of Michigan.

L. Approval of revised Resolutions relating to Daifuku North America Industrial Facilities for Industrial Development District and Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate.

M. Approval of Claims and Accounts – Warrant No. 970


1. Approval to award bid for Older Adult Transportation Services Demand Response Software to Ecolane USA, Inc. in the amount of $75,264; subject to final review and approval of form of agreement by City Manager's office and the City Attorney. APPROVED

2. Consideration of the 2017 City Council meeting calendar. APPROVED

3. Approval to award a construction contract for the 2016 Neighborhood Road Program—Contract 3 (Asphalt) to Pro-Line Asphalt Paving Corp., the low bidder, in the amount of $623,497, subject to final review and approval of form of agreement by City Manager’s office and the City Attorney. APPROVED

4. Approval to purchase a new International 7600 Set Back Axle 6X4 Tandem Axle Truck Cab and Chassis from Tri-County International Inc. using the State of Michigan MiDeal cooperative purchasing contract, in the amount of $119,775.20. APPROVED

5. Approval to award engineering design services to Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment for the inspection, analysis and recommendation tasks associated with the Storm water, Asset management and Wastewater grant awarded in 2015, in the amount of $263,800. APPROVED

6. (1) Approval of the proposed Public Safety Answering Point Agreement between the City and Oakland County, which delineates the duties and responsibilities of the parties with respect to the new County-wide Emergency Services IP Network (“ESInet”), and (2) Approval of the proposed contract between the City and Emergency CallWorks, Inc. (“ECW”) for the purchase and maintenance of remote call processing equipment for the ESInet. APPROVED




Mayor Pro Tem asked the following of staff:

1) To create a Special Revenue Fund for the purpose of monitoring the revenue generated by the CIP millage and expenditures;

2) Ask that the City Manager make a recommendation on funding the account in 2016 using excess escrow funds, 2015-16 budget excess and other available funds.

3) Request that the Capital Improvement Program Committee begin meeting on an as needed basis for the purpose of reviewing and prioritizing the current CIP with the purpose of making recommendations to the full City Council for consideration. The Committee includes Member Wrobel, Member Mutch, and Mayor Pro Tem Staudt as well as several Planning Commission members.