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Man pulls gun at Wixom Meijer store, police chase ensues
August 3, 2016

WIXOM, MI - Early on Wednesday morning, August 3, the Wixom Police Department arrested a man at his Novi home after he threatened another man with a handgun and then led the officers on a high-speed pursuit.

The incident with the gun began at the Meijer store in Wixom at approximately 12:30 a.m. today. The suspect came into the store, pointed a gun at an apparent stranger, and made some threatening remarks. No shots were fired, and no one was injured. The man left the store prior to the arrival of the police.

Several hours later, the man oddly came back to the store while officers were still investigating. Upon seeing the officers, the man fled in his vehicle at a high rate of speed. The pursuing officers were able to obtain a license plate number from the vehicle. Ultimately, and for concern for the public’s safety, officers from several jurisdictions stopped the pursuit due to the suspect’s high speeds and erratic driving.

The information from the license plate was used to find the man at his home in Novi. The man surrendered peacefully to officers that had the residence surrounded.

The Wixom Police Department has the suspect in custody, and he is believed to have acted alone.

The investigation is ongoing. Detectives will be doing a methodical, thorough search of the man’s home.

The case will be presented to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office later today or early tomorrow.

The Wixom Police Department thanked the Novi Police Department and the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in the investigation.