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City Council approves two previously rejected road projects, lowers water rates
June 28, 2016


NOVI, MI - At Monday's meeting, council formally approved the two road projects that were rejected at the last meeting - rebuilding Novi Road from 12 to 13 Mile Roads, and repaving Karim Blvd.

Council also lowered consumer water rates by 8% starting this fall, citing reduced operating costs made possible through the installation of a water storage facility. This allows the city to buy water at night when wholesale rates are lower.

In other business before council Monday:

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as presented.


1. Proclamation in recognition of Parks and Recreation for the month of July – Jeff Muck, Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services





A. Approve Minutes of: 1. June 6, 2016 – Regular meeting

B. Approval of 2% wage increase for Michigan Association of Public Employees labor group.

C. Approval of a request by Mirabella Estates Condominium Association to waive the Maintenance and Guarantee Bond required under Section 26.5-33(2)(c)(3) of the ordinance for streets installed in Mirabella Estates located west of Meadowbrook Road and north of Eight Mile Road in Section 35.

D. Approval of a Storm Drainage Facility Maintenance Easement Agreement from Mirabella Estates Condominium Association for the Mirabella Estates project located west of Meadowbrook Road, north of Eight Mile Road.

E. Approval to purchase a Shortstop 2 Mini Concrete Mixer and Shortstop 3.5 Loading System from Ernest Industries Inc., the lowest responsive bidder, in the amount of $67,500.

F. Acceptance of the Amended and Restated pathway easement as a donation from Providence Hospital and Medical Centers, Inc., as part of the Rose Senior Living site located south of Grand River Avenue and west of Beck Road (parcel 22-17-400-042 and 22-17-400-043) to accommodate the future extension of the ITC Trail from the Medilodge property to Beck Road.

G. Oakland County Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement

H. Approval to award bid for 55 refrigerators at Meadowbrook Commons to Best Buy in the amount of $24,475.

I. Approval to purchase new vehicles as follows: one (1) 2016 Ford F-150 pickup truck from Jorgensen Ford, the low bidder, in the amount of $28,000 ; and one (1) 2016 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck from Berger Chevrolet in the amount of $26,674 using the Oakland County cooperative purchasing contract.

J. Approval to award a contract for construction services to Cross Renovation, Inc. for construction of the new Lakeshore Park shelter in the amount of $74,777, subject to final review and approval of form of agreement by City Manager’s office and the City Attorney.

K. Approval to award geotechnical services to Soil and Materials Engineers, Inc. for Beck Road Rehabilitation (8 Mile Road to 9 Mile Road) geotechnical engineering in the amount of $17,500.

L. Approval of employee contract between the City of Novi and Michael R. Lohmeier as the City Assessor of the City of Novi, Michigan.

M. Approval of employee contract between the City of Novi and Cortney Hanson as the City Clerk of the City of Novi, Michigan.

N. Approval of Claims and Accounts – Warrant No. 966


1. Adoption of Resolution of Participation for a Federal Surface Transportation Program grant for the Novi Road (12 Mile to 13 Mile) Rehabilitation Project, approval of a cost share agreement with the Michigan Department of Transportation (with an estimated allocation of $689,300 to be paid by Federal grant funds and $1,032,900 to be paid by the City of Novi), and approval of City Fund allocations. APPROVED

2. Approval to award a construction contract for Karim Boulevard Reconstruction project to Cadillac Asphalt, LLC, the low bidder, in the amount of $741,419.80, subject to final review and approval of form of agreement by City Manager’s office and the City Attorney, and approval of allocations from Major Road Fund and Drain Fund. APPROVED

3. Approval of the request of Biltmore Land, LLC for development of Covington Estates, JSP 15-02 for approval of a Residential Unit Development (RUD) Plan, as revised, and the associated RUD Agreement. The subject property is located on 48.83 acres in Section 31 north of Eight Mile Road and West of Garfield Road in the RA, Residential Acreage District. The applicant is proposing a 38 unit single-family development. The proposed RUD Plan includes, in addition to the improvements previously considered by City Council, a temporary relocation of the emergency access drive to extend along the north property line as an alternate to the proposed emergency access drive connection from the neighboring property to the east, which is being proposed in the event easements are not acquired. APPROVED

4. Approval of Proposed Water & Sewer Rate Resolutions for 2016-2017. APPROVED

5. Consideration of the request of Sue Nebe for an Unlisted Use Determination under Section 4.87 of the Zoning Ordinance. The applicant is requesting a determination as to which zoning district or districts the proposed use of the existing historic Chapman House at 46690 West Road as a retreat facility for small groups to engage in crafting activities, with meals and sleeping rooms provided, should be permitted in. APPROVED

6. Approval of the request of Pulte Homes for Dixon Meadows, JSP 14-46, with Zoning Map Amendment 18.709, to rezone property in Section 10, located on the east side of Dixon Road, north of Twelve Mile Road from RA (Residential Acreage) to RT (Two-Family Residential) subject to the related Planned Rezoning Overlay (PRO) Agreement, and corresponding PRO Plan. The property totals 22.36 acres and the applicant is proposing to construct a 90-unit single family residential detached site condominium. APPROVED

7. Approval to award to the engineering design services agreement to Orchard, Hiltz & McCliment for the Nine Mile Gravity Sanitary Sewer project (Roberts Road to Beck Road) in the amount of $216,264. APPROVED

8. Approval to award a unit price contract to Signature Services Inc., the low bidder, for as-needed concrete pavement repairs in an estimated amount of $206,000. APPROVED

9. Approval to award an amendment to the engineering services agreement with Spalding DeDecker for construction engineering services for the Novi Road (12 Mile to 13 Mile) Rehabilitation project in the amount of $131,935. APPROVED

10. Approval of Change Order No. 1 to Cadillac Asphalt, LLC, for the 2015 Neighborhood Road Program - Contract 2 (Asphalt) Drainage Improvements in the amount of $211,247. APPROVED

11. Consideration to approve “Agreement for Improvement and Occupancy of Property,” in connection with a parcel of land located on the south side of Grand River west of Taft Road to be used for temporary City recreation (soccer) fields and temporary parking facilities by the property owner, subject to final review and approval as to form by the City Manager and City Attorney’s Office. APPROVED

12. Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Planning Commission - David Baratta, Robert Giacopetti, David Greco Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Commission – Douglas Bauss, Charles A. Staab, Shelley Thomopoulos Zoning Board of Appeals (Partial Term) – Joe Peddiboyina

13. Approval of resolution to authorize Budget Amendment #2016-4. APPROVED


David McAleer, 22514 Heatherwoode Dr., spoke about how he felt the Fire Department should have full-time employees, not just paid on call employees. He mentioned Sterling Heights has 20 full-time employees and Novi has less. He said there have been several house fires this year alone. He said Novi is not a small city anymore and he wanted to see progress in this area.