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Closure of I-275 brings heavy traffic, crashes and tickets to Haggerty Rd.
June 3, 2016

NOVI, MI - As most probably anticipated, the closure of I-275 for rebuilding has brought an influx of traffic to Haggerty Road and other nearby through streets. Along with this traffic comes impatient drivers, crashes and according to Novi PD, traffic violations.

In the past month, there have been seven crashes near Haggerty and 9 Mile Road alone. All of these occurred during the morning or afternoon rush. This is the area where the road briefly narrows to one south-bound lane.

During this same time frame, Novi PD increased patrols in this area and stopped 93 drivers, giving 77 warnings and issuing 15 citations in an effort to keep motorists safe.

Novi Police Sgt. Kevin Rhea notes, "We have seen a huge increase in the volume of south-bound Haggerty Road traffic since the closing of I-275 which appears to have contributed to the accident totals in the area."

With a few more weeks to go on the south-bound I-275 closure, more accidents, and citations, are likely to occur. Drivers are advised to use common sense, and patience.