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66 retire from Walled Lake Schools with a combined 1,557 years of service
June 2, 2016

WALLED LAKE, MI - One administrator, 45 teachers and 20 support staff members are retiring from Walled Lake Schools this year, taking with them more than 1,557 years of dedicated service and memories.

Following is a list of the 2015-16 retirees. Congratulations and thanks to:


Cynthia Scarpace, Teacher, 32 years, 6 months

Jennifer Dobring, Teacher, 28 years


Marie Loveland, Teacher, 11 years

Margaret Maxwell, Teacher, 31 years

Gail McCowan, Teacher, 24 years

Marie Theriault, Paraeducator, 22 years, 9 months

Dublin/Commerce/Hickory Woods/Pleasant Lake/Meadowbrook:

Cynthia Vella, Teacher, 15 years

Dublin/Meadowbrook/Oakley Park

John Yuhn, Teacher, 29 years


Kimberley Dye, Teacher, 31 years

Catherine Maher, Teacher, 22 years

Karen Nagy, Preschool Paraeducator, 19 years, 9 months

Hickory Woods:

Janet Burbridge, Teacher, 17 years

Kathleen Kelley, Teacher, 28 years

Janet Proven, Teacher, 25 years


Jerome Esper, Teacher, 18 years

Mary Helen Guest:

Mary Beth Manning, Paraeducator, 17 years, 3 months

Oakley Park:

Belinda Baird, Teacher, 25 years

Susan Coppersmith, Teacher, 21 years

Karen Fleming, Teacher, 23 years

Mary Imhoff, Teacher, 35 years

Pleasant Lake:

MaryLou Clark, Teacher, 28 years

Linda McLaren, Preschool Paraeducator, 14 years, 6 months

Clifford Smart

Cindy Ducharme, Secretary, 17 years, 8 months

Lora Falk-Skover, Teacher, 17 years

Bernard Hyland, Teacher, 17 years

Brian Kaplan, Principal, 5 years

Stacy Rovin, Teacher, 24 years, 6 months

Louise Schneberger, Teacher, 18 years

James Geisler:

Kathleen Booker, Teacher, 27 years

John Lewandowski, Teacher, 22 years

Sarah Banks:

Nancy Prevost, Secretary, 17 years, 11 months

Robert Rochow, Teacher, 18 years

Donna Smith, Teacher, 24 years, 6 months

Walnut Creek:

Melissa Imhoff, Teacher, 20 years

Margaret MacLean, Teacher, 25 years, 6 months

Cheryl Pisha, Secretary, 24 years, 10 months

Louis Romeos, Paraeducator/Custodian, 20 years

David Schade, Teacher, 38 years

WL Central:

Judith Davis, Teacher, 19 years

Lenore Hiscoe, Teacher, 30 years

Patricia Hojnacki, Secretary, 25 years, 9 months

Vicki Longhurst, Paraeducator, 21 years, 8 months

Kenneth Miller, Teacher, 24 years, 6 months

Lynne Morse, Teacher, 23 years, 2 months

Colleen Pawluk, Teacher, 29 years

Lisa Schneider, Paraeducator, 27 years

Cindy Tear, Paraeducator, 21 years, 10 months

WL Northern:

Joe Saylor, Teacher, 21 years, 6 months

WL Western:

Joyce Nauman, Paraeducator, 22 years, 3 months

Thomas Saloka, Teacher, 22 years

Willa Wilson, Food Service, 15 years, 8 months

WL Western/Central

Lucy Sailor, Teacher, 22 years

Community Education Center:

Joan Kurtz, Preschool Paraeducator, 24 years, 10 months

Nancy Chagnon, Paraeducator, 24 years, 10 months

Mary Ann Spencer, Paraeducator, 31 years, 10 months

Educational Services Center:

Jeannine Davie, Administrative Assistant, 24 years, 6 months

Terese Fitzpatrick, Teacher/WLEA President, 30 years

Mary Kline, Instructional Coordinator, 21 years, 6 months

Bronda Payton, Secretary, 29 years, 8 months

Deforest Sanford, Warehouse, 22 years

Special Services:

Dr. Carolyn Brown, Teacher Consultant, 32 years

Ellen Enright-Stacey, Teacher, 22 years

Greg Geibig, Psychologist, Special Services, 32 years

Laura Olesko, Social Worker, Special Services, 22 years