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Alleged UFO filmed passing over Novi's Twelve Oaks Mall
May 2, 2016 Photo: Still from video, author unknown

NOVI, MI - A video posted on a YouTube UFO channel purports to show an unidentified flying object apparently cloaked by a cloud passing over Novi's Twelve Oaks Mall. The source is not indicated.

Interestingly, it's apparent course is along ITC's major electrical transmission lines, visible in the video. On this course it would have gone right over ITC's operations center, which controls the region's power grid and is located just two miles east of the mall.

The video was uploaded April 3, but it's unclear when the video was shot. The historical weather conditions on April 3 were not what is seen in the video, so it was likely taken on a different, unknown date before April 3.

Real, or a clever hoax? You decide.

This isn't the only Novi UFO video on YouTube. Here, here and here are three more. And here's a story from 55 years ago about a woman traumatized by a UFO in Novi.