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Karen Bulbuk named Novi Schools Support Person of the Year
April 2, 2016

NOVI, MI - The Novi Community School District recognizes support staff who have achieved the highest standards of excellence in our district. Support staff are nominated by peers and with the recommendation of administration. On Thursday, Karen Bulbuk of Novi Woods Elementary School was recognized for her honorable dedication to the students of the Novi Community School District.

Karen Bulbuk has a great presence at Novi Woods and is an integral part of their learning environment. She has been with Novi Community Schools for thirteen years, eight of which have been at Novi Woods. Ms. Bulbuk makes Novi Woods a great place to be for students, parents, and teachers. She leads by example and creates a positive environment for everyone. Ms. Bulbuk is known by all students for her smile, kind words, and gentle reminders to be a confident, a proud leader and a learner, and comes to school every day ready to learn and lead. In her daily work-related activities as a paraprofessional, she directly supports some of our students in their learning process.

If you need assistance, Ms. Bulbuk is the first to offer. She's the first responder. If a child is having a difficult time transitioning, she doesn't hesitate to lend a loving and patient hand. It doesn't matter what the task is, this amazing woman is always there to lighten one's load and help develop curious, kind, respectful, and creative kids. Yes, Ms. Bulbuk is this and more.

Ms. Bulbuk views life through happiness lenses. Her outlook and "can-do" attitude are contagious to others around her. Ms. Bulbuk does her job well and then goes beyond without any fanfare or notice. She knows the name of every student, which is no small task. She sets high expectations and more often than not, students rise to meet those expectations. They do this because they believe in her. They know she will work just as hard as they do to achieve. Children genuinely know that she has a loving and supportive heart.

What makes Mrs. Bulbuk so unique is that all of this is genuine, and everyone who meets her understands that. She has touched the lives of so many. A former student, Mohammed, wrote a letter on her behalf. Although he graduated many years ago, he continues to reflect on the positive impact Ms. Bulbuk has had and continues to have in his life as he faces life's challenges. What he didn't mention in his letter is that he comes back every single year to visit Ms. Bulbuk.

Despite the demands of being a working mom and grandma, Ms. Bulbuk somehow manages to share her talents and attributes with the community. She collects clothes for the Redford Hearing Impaired School, visits inmates on a regular basis at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility, and started a free tutoring club after school for disadvantaged kids.

Principal Mr. David Ascher states, “Mrs. Karen Bulbuk is that person in our building. She is that magical person who always seems to be present whenever a need arises, a problem needs to be solved, or a concern needs to be shared.”

Mrs. Bulbuk has been recommended to receive Oakland County’s Betty Campion Award through. The Novi Community School District Board of Education will officially recognize Bulbuk at their April 14 meeting.

Photo: Ascher and Bulbuk