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Summary of Monday's Novi City Council meeting
March 29, 2016

NOVI, MI - The following is a summary of Monday's Novi City Council meeting.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as presented


CITY MANAGER/STAFF REPORT: Assistant City Manager Cardenas noted the Consultant Review committee met and decided to enter negotiations with Waste Management. The City staff is currently seeking info on residents who currently have contracts for trash hauling. This item will be on the agenda for the second meeting in May.



Deborah Ross, 1911 W. Lake Dr., and Michael Condon, 1411 W. Lake Dr., spoke about the Walled Lake Civic Fund that was established 6 years ago. They fund fireworks, etc. Walled Lake is mostly in Novi; many residents in Novi use Walled Lake and it is an asset. Fireworks would be an additional asset. The Great Campout at Lakeshore Park is the same day. Unfortunately, those fireworks take place at the northern end of the lake and was not part of the city identity. They would like Novi to support the fireworks both financially and any other way possible. Mr. Condon is Vice President of Lakes Area Homeowners Association and noted he’s heard many requests about fireworks on the Novi waters. He stated that in the early 1970’s, residents said Walled Lake and Novi used to put on the fireworks together. Bayside Grill is one of the founding sponsors and he asked the Lakeview owner for support. They are asking the City for a barge in the south waters so the residents can enjoy it. They would do some fundraising; they distributed some proposed quotes for costs of fireworks.

Carol Upton, 42806 Brookstone, spoke about the rezoning of the 22 acres on the east side of Dixon north of 12 Mile. She lives there and walks the natural setting. In reading that Council had planned to remove over 600 trees that is 83% of regulated woodlands, she felt that the master plan should be followed. She thought the City shouldn’t remove that volume of trees. The master plan is a huge part of what makes the City appealing. In her subdivision, they encourage citizens to respect the woodlands and felt the city was setting an example for what the citizens should be doing.

Andrew Sarpolis, 31036 Beachwalk Dr., shared concerns about an article that stated an undisclosed amount would be provided for a tax abatement. They have 70 additional people and will get $3 million from the state and providing $2 million on their own. He asked what were the undisclosed costs to the community. In addition to tax revenue, will there be extra wear and tear on car costs, lack of walkability, costs on our community? He felt people didn’t move to the City of Novi for big companies to be here. He felt this wouldn’t be a good deal for the City. He felt in the future things citizens wanted should be considered

Colleen Crossey, 22279 Brockshire, echoed comments about preserving natural environment in Novi. The other concern she has is about the tax abatements; felt it was something we should take a look at. She read about Hunter Pasteur homes where they could take down trees and not pay into the tree fund and the City was paying for a sidewalk. She felt there was a certain amount of responsibility when developing in Novi. She noted taxpayers bear the cost of environmental cleanup. CONSENT AGENDA: All approved as presented.

A. Approve Minutes of: 1. March 14, 2016 – Regular meeting

B. Approval of Ordinance 16-173.05 to amend the City of Novi Code of Ordinances Chapter 26.5, “Financial Guarantees”, Ordinance 16-96.03 to amend Chapter 7,” Buildings and Building Regulations” Article V, Site Restoration, and Ordinance 16-157.05 to amend Chapter 31, “Streets, Sidewalk and other Public Places”, Section 31-1, “Construction within City Street, etc.” and a resolution to set a fee and financial guarantee for a Final Grade/Site Restoration inspection for new Single Family Homes. SECOND READING

C. Approval to award a unit price contract to R.C. Tuttle Refinishing CO., the low bidder, for the 2016 Spring Tree and Landscape Planting project in the estimated amount of $66,243, and to amend the budget in the amount of $3,910.

D. Approval to award a contract to Penchura, L.L.C. for the provision and installation of Dugout Covers at Ella Mae Power Park in the amount of $79,977.

E. Approval of the following recommendations pertaining to the City's Prosecutorial Legal Services:

1. Approval of termination, effective immediately, of the 12/17/12 Agreement for Prosecutorial Legal Services between the City of Novi and Seglund Gabe Pawlak Groth and Kelley, and authorization for the City Clerk to issue to Seglund Gabe Pawlak Groth and Kelley a Notice of Termination of said contract;

2. Approve resolution to authorize the City Manager to provide the law firm of Seglund Gabe Pawlak Groth and Kelley with a written authorization and direction to deliver all files and data regarding legal matters involving the City of Novi to the law firm of Baker & Elowsky, PLLC in order that further Prosecutorial Legal Services for the City of Novi be provided by the law firm Baker & Elowsky, PLLC; and

3. Approve resolution to authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an Agreement for Prosecutorial Legal Services with Baker & Elowsky, PLLC under the same terms and conditions as the prior Agreement with Seglund Gabe Pawlak Groth and Kelley.

F. Approval to award the Electrical Services Contract to Great Lakes Power & Lighting Inc., for an estimated annual expenditure of $70,000. The term of the contract is one year with two one-year renewal options.

G. Approval to award a Generator Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services contract to American Generators Sales and Services, LLC, for an estimated annual amount of $25,500.

H. Approval to award the Police Station Waterproofing project to RAM Construction for the amount of $28,763.

I. Approval of a Resolution of Support and an Agreement for Traffic Control Device with the Road Commission for Oakland County for the ongoing operation costs of the existing traffic signal at Novi Road and 13 Mile Road.

J. Approval to award engineering design services to URS Corporation (AECOM) for the Power Park Pathway Rehabilitation project in the amount of $9,609.

K. Approval of Claims and Accounts – Warrant No. 960 MATTERS FOR COUNCIL ACTION – Part I

1. Approval to award a contract for construction services to Cross Renovation for construction of the new Pavilion Shore Park restroom/shelter building in the amount of$427,777, subject to final review and approval of form of agreement by City Manager's office and the City Attorney. APPROVED

2. Approval to purchase four (4) Monroe dual auger V-box combination salt spreaders with pre-wet systems and self-storing leg kits from Truck and Trailer Specialties, Inc., using the State of Michigan MiDeal cooperative purchasing contract, in the amount of $102,973. APPROVED