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Summary of Monday's Novi City Council meeting
March 15, 2016

MI - The following is a summary of Monday's Novi City Council meeting.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as presented.


1. Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant for land acquisition application(s)

Opened at 7:01 p.m. and closed with no public input.


1. Michigan Recreation and Park Association Elected Official Award to Kathy Crawford

2. Michigan Recreation and Park Association Park Design Award for the toddler single-track at Lakeshore Park to Motor City Mountain Biking Association

3. Update on the 52-1 District Court – Judge David Law

4. Preliminary Budget Overview – Carl Johnson, Finance Director CITY MANAGER/STAFF REPORT: None



CONSENT AGENDA: All items approved as presented.

A. Approve Minutes of: 1. February 29 – Regular meeting

B. Enter Executive Session immediately following the regular meeting of March 14, 2016 in the Council Annex for the purpose of discussing privileged correspondence from legal counsel.

C. Approval of Resolution granting the Novi Parks Foundation a one-time exemption from the City's policy regarding alcohol on public property for purposes of its July 22, 2016 fundraiser at Pavilion Shore Park.

D. Acceptance of a water system easement as a donation from 46850 Magellan, LLC, for the on-site water main constructed at 46850 Magellan Drive as part of the Magellan Commerce Center development (22-09-176-003).

E. Acceptance of a sidewalk easement from Novi Crescent 2, LLC, as part of the Novi Crescent, Phase 2 development located at 26425 Novi Road (parcel 22-15-476-048).

F. Approval of a Storm Drainage Facility Maintenance Easement Agreement from Diversified Members Credit Union for the project located at 25880 Novi Road (parcel 22-23-176-033).

G. Approval of Traffic Control Order 16-16 to prohibit parking on the south side of New Court near East Lake Drive.

H. Approval to award a unit price contract for Catch Basin Cleaning Services to United Resources LLC., the low bidder, for a one-year term with two one-year renewal options at an estimated annual cost of $36,000.

I. Approval of resolution authorizing the issuance of 2016 Unlimited Tax General Obligation Library Refunding Bonds.

J. Approval of the request of JS Evangelista Development, LLC for a revised Concept Plan and the “Second Amendment to the Planned Rezoning Overlay (PRO) Agreement for Maple Manor of Novi Development”. This approval is associated with a previously approved zoning map amendment with Planned Rezoning Overlay (PRO) request. The subject property is located in Section 2, at the southwest corner of Fourteen Mile Road and Novi Road, on 3.88 net acres. The applicant is currently proposing to add an exterior storage garage and a pavilion/gazebo area to serve the existing convalescent / nursing home building.

K. Approval of Ground Lease Agreement between the City of Novi and PI Telecom Infrastructure V, LLC for construction, use and operation of a commercial communication tower to be located at 49375 West Ten Mile Road.

L. Approval of Claims and Accounts – Warrant No. 959


1. Consideration of Ordinance 16-173.05 to amend the City of Novi Code of Ordinances Chapter 26.5, “Financial Guarantees”, Ordinance 16-96.03 to amend Chapter 7,” Buildings and Building Regulations” Article V, Site Restoration, and Ordinance 16-157.05 to amend Chapter 31, “Streets, Sidewalk and other Public Places”, Section 31-1, “Construction within City Street, etc.” FIRST READING APPROVED

2. Approval to purchase a 2017 International 7500 SBA 4X2 Single Axle V-Box Truck with wing plow from Tri-County International Trucks, Inc., the lowest responsive bidder, in the amount of $197,671. APPROVED

3. Consideration of approval of the request of Hunter Pasteur Homes for Dunhill, JSP 15-13, for Zoning Map Amendment 18.711, to rezone property in Section 32, located at the northwest corner of Beck Road and Eight Mile Road from RA (Residential Acreage) to R-1 (One-Family Residential) subject to the related Planned Rezoning Overlay (PRO) Plan Agreement, and corresponding PRO Plan. The property totals 23.76 acres and the applicant is proposing to construct a 31-unit single family residential development in a cluster arrangement with frontage on and access to Eight Mile Road. APPROVED

4. Approval and adoption of (1) Resolution of Understanding authorizing the Oakland County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (OCBRA) to undertake review of a Brownfield Plan proposal for the Dunhill Park Development, 47500 and 47700 Eight Mile Road, and to collect various fees in connection with the proposal; (2) Resolution Concurring in the Provisions of a Brownfield Plan adopted by the OCBRA utilizing tax increment financing for a period of twelve years ending no later than 2028; and (3) Appointment of Victor Cardenas, Assistant City Manager as the City’s representative on the Local Host Committee, subject to final approval of the Dunhill Park PRO Plan and Agreement. APPROVED

5. Adoption of Resolution authorizing cost participation in the Michigan Department of Transportation's (MDOT) I-96/I-275 Repaving project between 8 Mile Road and the I-96/I-696/M-5 interchange, and approval of a cost share agreement with MDOT, as required under Public Act 51 of 1951, in the amount of $157,400. APPROVED

6. Consideration of the request of Pulte Homes for Dixon Meadows, JSP 14-46, with Zoning Map Amendment 18.709, to rezone property in Section 10, located on the east side of Dixon Road, north of Twelve Mile Road from RA (Residential Acreage) to RT (Two-Family Residential) with a Planned Rezoning Overlay (PRO), and corresponding alternate concept plan as reviewed by the Planning Commission on March 9, 2016. The property totals 22.36 acres and the applicant is proposing to construct a 90-unit single family residential detached site condominium. APPROVED

Presentation slides from Pulte Homes

7. Approval of Resolution authorizing submission of a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant (MNRTF) grant application for land acquisition of 12.57 acres of property parcel 50-22-30-476-005 located on Nine Mile Road, west of Garfield Road. Total estimated project cost including grant is $575,000 with the 30 percent City match of $172,500. APPROVED

8. Approval to award a contract for design and installation of equipment for the Novi Video Studio at the Civic Center, including HD cameras, master control and playback servers, lighting, field camera systems, remote internet streaming and editing systems to Advanced Lighting & Sound, the low qualified bidder, for an amount not to exceed $155,124.45 and amend the budget. APPROVED

9. Appointments to Boards and Commissions

Building Authority – Larry Czekaj Construction Board of Appeals – Lee Mamola Library Board – Melissa Agosta and Ramesh Verma – full term Library Board – Geoffrey Wood – partial term ZBA Alternate – Joe Peddiboyina



Mayor Pro Tem Staudt reported that Consultant Review Committee met to discuss Legal consultants and waste hauling request for proposals.