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Changing demographics
over the past decade

Novi's student body, general population shifts dramatically in just 10 years

NOVI, MI -  Novi has grown, and the population has changed significantly over the past decade. In 2004, Novi School's student body was 81% white, 15% Asian, 2% African American and 2% Hispanic.

Today, ten years later, whites are nearly a minority at 52%, Asians have increased 133% to make up 35% of the student body, African Americans 8% and Hispanics are 2%.

Novi's student body population, 2004 & 2014

Over this same period, Novi's population has increased an estimated 14% to nearly 58,000 people today. From 2000 to 2010 - the last full census - the number of whites declined 16%, African Americans increased 350%, and Asians increased 89%. During this same period, homeownership fell 6% to 67%.

Novi Mayor Bob Gatt notes, "Novi is a city that is proud of its' great diversity and which embraces all cultures and all people. Everyone in Novi continually works to make our city a better place in which to live, to work, and to visit. The people of this great community have always known that Novi is not just a spot on a map. Rather, Novi is defined by the people that live here. We always have been, and always will be, the greatest city in the State of Michigan and we applaud the changing demographics that are being reported here today. As Mayor of this great city, I say: Welcome Home!"

Asked about how these changing demographics impact the school system, Superintendent Dr. Steve Matthews explains, "Our district has experienced tremendous demographic change in the past decade. This change reflects our world and also reflects that parents want their children to be in Novi. That, in my view, is a very positive thing. It presents some challenges but those challenges are worth it because this demographic change helps our students prepare for life beyond Novi - whether it is at the university or working."

Matthews went on to explain, "We have changed how we work with students to some degree. We provide more English Language Learner support. We provide additional support for students who struggle. But we have also found that we have more high achieving students than before as well. This forces us to find ways to meet their needs. Our district reflects the world that we live in. We have a broad cross-section of nationalities and races. We have learners of all types. Novi is a great place to be!"


* Asians included people natively from China, India, Japan, etc.