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Why sports are so important in high school
Closure for the state's top lacrosse athletes
Novi Varsity Lacrosse steps it up for the playoffs
Novi Varsity Lacrosse falls to #2 ranked Holt
Novi Track wins conference title yet again
Novi Track now 4-0 for the season
Novi Varsity Baseball season looking up
Novi Girls Varsity Soccer upset by #3 ranked Northville
Varsity Lacrosse works on consistency
Remembering Dave Hartman
Varsity Lacrosse shows they have what it takes
Strange but true
Spring brings a new Varsity Track season
Wildcat Varsity Lacrosse gets a new coach
Hockey achieves more than others could only dream of
Thanks to the Boosters!
Novi Hockey reinvents themselves to succeed
Novi Varsity Pom: Lessons learned  improving the sport
Wildcat Wrestling changes up practice routine
The beginning of a successful season?
Joe Paterno: Sometimes blessed, sometimes cursed
Wildcat Hockey changes things up, goes 16-0
Patience is a virtue for Novi Boys Basketball
A great escape for Novi Varsity Hockey
No stone unturned
The October Freese
What Novi Boys Varsity Basketball needs to do
Varsity Hockey reunites to raise the banner
New season, coach for Boys Varsity Basketball
New season underway for Hockey Wildcats
Determination and commitment: Novi Varsity Pom
Novi Varsity Volleyball: Staying focused
The end is the beginning of all things
Why unity and teamwork is so important
The good hands people at Novi High School
What the Jug Game really means to the Wildcats
Novi Boys Soccer battles injuries, and referees

It's all part of the journey
Novi Varsity Volleyball succeeds
Novi Girls Soccer the #1 team in America
Curt Ellis: A good man
Novi Boys Soccer adjusts to the new class
Flipping the script: Where are they now?
Novi Football: Ready to take down the opposition
Sports: The great unifier
Novi Varsity Football: Changes for the better
He made his Mark, and he left his Mark
Wherever you go, for the rest of your life
Novi Girls Soccer: An effort to be recognized
He's vested no more; that's a shame
Epic Lacrosse Battle: Novi HS vs. Novi CC
Wildcat Varsity Lacrosse adjusts, and wins big
The extra degree keeps us free
Communication key to Soccer 'Cats success
A redeeming victory for Novi Varsity Lacrosse
Cat fight on Novi's track turns into a mow down
The freedom to cheer for the Green and White
How to move from good, to great
The need to play all four quarters
Distance workouts over Spring Break
Varsity Lacrosse - the rumors are true
Teamwork of the highest order
Changing seasons with Novi Varsity Lacrosse
March Madness in Michigan; Heartfelt Experience
Finely tuned Hockey 'Cats
Hardwood hard knocks
When the unexpected occurs
The Super Bowl from A to Z
Novi hoops star pleased he's never lost to rival
Where 6,637 is great than 109,901
Wildcats rule at the birthplace of pro hockey
The Winter Blues - looking back at Novi Hockey
Girl's Basketball wins the 'Cat fight
Dixieland Detour
Pay to Play - costing the 'Cats
Turning 10 - what a ride!
Wildcat Hockey ices their Baseline rival
Should he stay or should he go?
When a two goal lead isn't a good thing
Meatheads in Vegas
Wildcat Volleyball should be proud
When all things are not equal
The better team lost
No Cavalier attitude here!
Wildcat Varsity Volleyball having a great season
Do Michigan Fans Cause Disappointment?
Wildcat J.V. Soccer's new tactics pay off

They call him coach
Denard Robinson- Fantastic Football Player, Better Guy
A belated thank you to Pudge Rodriguez
Sky's not falling on Novi Football
Spectacular Spring Ends With a Bang
Novi Track Wraps Up Successful Spring in Rockford
June 3, 2010 - a day that will be remembered
Novi Track sends huge contingent
Are We There Yet?  “LeBron Mania” is here to stay
Never say never, ever
Changing the Sports Media Landscape
We've seen this before
A Cliché Worth Repeating
Spring sports preview: Baseball and Track and Field
Spring sports preview: Women’s Softball; Men’s Golf
Bernie sends greetings from Vegas
Shawn Hunwick
Winter was still with Wildcats
Moving On Up: Blaszczyk and Egner
Why Hoosiers can't happen in Michigan
A new outlet for sports passion
Novi’s Gargantuan Sporting Footprint
The underestimated power of sports
Bernie's farewell
Shamrock radio
Never say never

Title IX gone awry
One step beyond
The Marshall Plan
It takes more than a village
The smallest deed
The life of Brian
A site for sore eyes
Not a bye week for the Shamrocks
Be true to your two schools
You bet it's a real sport
A game plan for life
The color purple
Only in the world of sports
Another source of pride
A source of pride
Into every season, a little rain must fall
A sign of respect
No doubting Thomas here
What an impression

The Penguins march
Fields of Green
Working for Scales
The Extra Mile
You can always come back
Finding the right Mark
Charlie Manuel… Manuel Labor

Spring is official
Madness in April too
Wildcats rejoice
Madness... it's a good thing
Hail to the Victor
The magic is in believing
Justice in Novi
Today the world, tomorrow Wildcats
A message to Michael
"Ben" there, done that
An event that's Super in more ways than one
Obama - on this 30th he becomes the 44th
Sometimes it is a laughing matter
Be true to your school, and community
'Tis the season, for family
Talent is overrated
Growing pains are natural
A real choke job
A rare mink
November a Wildcat anniversary month

10/27/08 Getting out the vote

10/20/08 Life imitates art

10/13/08 The Novi Express

10/6/08 Be true to your school

9/29/08 Props to the Novi Athletic Boosters

9/22/08 Student becomes the teacher

9/15/08 The business of covering sport

9/08/08 Girl's Soccer cupboard is well stocked

8/24/08 Greatness needs no self-promotion

8/18/08 Green and White

8/11/08 KVC you later

Mitch Maier, from Wildcat to Royalty

08/18/08 Green and White

08/11/08 KVC you later

Mitch Maier, from Wildcat to Royalty

07/28/08 First Novi, then the world

07/21/08 A Taxing Schedule for Rachele Folino

06/29/08 Success is in the journey

06/23/08 Tim Russert

06/16/08 More than just a game

06/08/08 The stuff legends are made of

06/02/08 The Class of '08 - simply great

05/23/08 Land of the free because of the brave

05/19/08 Winning an Oscar

05/12/08 Life is short, play hard

05/05/08 Only as good as your weakest link

04/28/08 More Moe-Mentum

04/21/08 True courage falls extinct

04/14/08 I remember you

04/07/08 Spring ahead - time to go outdoors

03/31/08 Spring Break musings

03/17/08 Winning respect

03/10/08 This is the big deal about steroids

03/01/08 A battle between church and state

02/24/08 More district musings

02/18/08 District Déjà vu all over again

02/11/08 The bleeding Hart

02/04/08 Greatness needs no self-promotion

01/28/08 Making the grade

01/21/08 More than just a sport

01/14/08 In the Zone

01/06/08 The Summer House Experiment

12/21/07 Making it in America, and right here

12/14/07 Winners never quit

12/09/07 More than just a game

12/02/07 The Dynamic Path

11/25/07 The Ford Field of Dreams

11/19/07 Battle in the Creek

11/12/07 The great unifier

11/03/07 Novi still in the hunt

10/29/07 It really is deja vu

10/22/07 Deja vu

10/13/07 Taking the platform

10/7/07 Who says you can't go home again

9/30/07 Under pressure...

9/23/07 The Eagles have been grounded

9/17/07 When sporting worlds collide

9/09/07 Four will restore the roar

8/29/07 Getting their kicks

8/25/07 Our pal Joey

8/20/07 It's that time of year again

8/13/07 Futbol or Football...

8/06/07 Novi capitalizes again

7/30/07 Character is who you are...

7/23/07 Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and

07/09/07 More than just a title

06/25/07 61 days...

06/17/07 Happy Fathers Day

06/11/07 You have to be there to see it

06/04/07 Upset City

05/29/07 The Cislo Kid, Part II

05/21/07 Cats Claw Dogs

05/14/07 61 - 1 - 2

05/04/07 Ain't no place like home

04/30/07 Playing to win

04/23/07 You can always count on it

04/15/07 The American Gauntlet

04/07/07 Senior Year

03/31/07 All tied up

03/25/07 Important to be representin'

03/18/07 Most of you are going pro

03/12/07 Enjoy the ride

03/03/07 Local 'Cats have it covered

02/26/07 Experience is still the best

02/19/07 In like a Lion

02/10/07 A new leaf

02/04/07 A voice that resonates

01/30/07 A message from Michael

01/21/07 Competition should be fun

01/15/07 A Rocky tale

01/08/07 Crazy is good

01/02/07 2007 - bring it on

12/22/06 Under the Christmas Tree

12/17/06 We All Start Somewhere

12/11/06 The best of the rest

12/04/06 A true ESPN highlight

11/22/06 A belated Thanksgiving...

11/20/06 A change of scenery

11/13/06 Only in America

11/05/06 #1 on our hearts

10/30/06 No weak sisters here

10/23/06 KVC you later

10/16/06 Dance like nobody's watching

10/09/06 With Coach "O"...

10/02/06 There is no 'I' in team

09/22/06 Predictions come true

09/18/06 The Twelfth Man

09/11/06 Where Are They Now

09/05/06 Convinceable… and Invincible

08/28/06 Most of you are going pro

08/21/06 Do we have it backwards?

08/14/06 Out of acorns grows oaks

08/07/06 Great is good; good is better

07/28/06 Floyd's foible, what's next?

07/24/06 Title IX gone awry

07/17/06 Second to None

07/10/06 Novi Hoopsters

06/25/06 The big boys of summer

06/19/06 How sweet it is

06/12/06 Cooler than the other side...

06/05/06 They couldn't stand the Heat

 Baseball, Hot Dogs....

05/20/06 The Power Within

05/14/06 As easy as 4-5-6?

05/07/06 A Tiger's Tale

05/01/06 The defense never rests

04/24/06 Out of acorns...

04/17/06 The end of one era...

04/10/06 An amazing sister act

04/03/06 Spring has spring

03/26/06 Coach O'Leary...

03/19/06 In-line is online

03/12/06 A new field of green

03/06/06 Inspector Rousseau

02/27/06 The second season

02/18/06 Things going swimmingly well

02/13/06 You've gotta have Hart-man

02/06/06 Hockey's in Novi's blood

01/30/06 Captaincy is a Tall Order

01/23/06 Coaches coach, players play

01/16/05 Reagan went to Eureka

01/09/06 Super Novi Sunday
01/02/06 Catching up and restarting

12/26/05 Deserving of a Tony Award

12/18/05 It stands for fanatic

12/12/05 2005 defined

12/05/05 Unbelievable but true

11/28/05 1-2-3 for the Lady Cats
11/21/05 The mark of success
11/14/05  KVC... Champs
11/07/05  Miranda's Rights
10/31/05  A lost weekend? Hardly
10/24/05  The Second Season

10/18/05  Size Really Does Not Matter

10/10/05  It Still Runs Thorough

10/3/05  The Family Unit

9/26/05 10 second to glory

9/19/05 The Fab Four

9/12/05 2005: A nice ring to it

9/6/05   He'll be alright

8/29/05 Football 2005 - cyberspace

8/22/05 Football fever

8/15/05 The future arrives ahead...

8/08/05 Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat

8/01/05 The bad news bearers

7/25/05 Maier's promotion well deserved

7/18/05 Tradition never graduates

7/11/05 Cardinal David, All Star

7/03/05 The land of the free...

6/18/05 The Cat's Meow

6/12/05 Never Strunk Out

6/06/05 Enough already

5/31/05 In Memoriam… and Memory

5/23/05 You can come home again

5/16/05 No Mercy

5/08/05 One down, 49 to go

4/25/05 The Magic is Believing

4/18/05 Poetry in Motion

4/11/05 Mickie Vaults to New Heights

4/02/05 The Road to Recovery

3/28/05 The Cislo Kid

3/14/05 It's Official

3/07/05 The Victory Within

2/27/05 Winter Winners

2/21/05 A Life Cut Short

2/14/05 Nothing Fake About This Event

2/6/05 The Total Package

1/30/05  Mark your calendars

1/25/05  Double-trouble!

1/17/05  What's your 68?

1/10/05  No rest (needed) for the road soldiers.

1/4/05  Tradition might not graduate, but it does leave town

12/28/04  He was the Man

12/20/04  Novi - Northville; so what else is new?

12/13/04  Something to Really Cheer About

12/7/04  Where Else Would You Rather Be?

11/30/04  The Games Do Count

11/21/04  I Hear You Knocking; November Madness?

11/16/04  Novi Fans, Take Heart

11/6/04  Home Sweet Home

10/31/04  CC Redefined and Revisited

10/25/04  Novi in 3D - Again

10/17/04  The Second Season Looms

10/8/04  Friday Night Lights

10/3/04  Homecoming Week

9/27/04  Seeing is Believing

9/20/04  Just for Kicks

9/13/04  Hurricane Wildcat

9/6/04  These guys (I mean girls!) can play!

8/30/04  Reigning Cats and Bulldogs

8/23/04  Wildcat Football - 5 more things you oughta know

8/16/04  A Rare Breed of Cat

8/10/04  Novi-Chelsea; five things you oughta know

8/2/04  Novi Dreamin

7/26/04  Hey Moe, Hey Moe

7/21/04  A Ray of Sunshine

7/12/04  The Big Buck

7/5/04  We're Going to Disney World

6/30/04  The Roar of '04 Revisited

6/21/04  Hardly a Grand Blank

6/14/04  It ain't over until it's completely over

6/7/04  Only a Game

6/1/04  3's are Wild

5/24/04  Don't Discount Seniors

5/17/04  Novi - Northville, the Rivalry Looms

5/10/04  It Stands for TEAM

5/6/04  Will Beats Skill

4/25/04  P.T. - Redefined

4/20/04  Chew on This

4/13/04  Master Phil

4/5/04  Fields of Green

3/23/04  I Dub Thee Knight

3/18/04  Tale of Two Seasons

3/13/04  Three-Pat

3/4/04  Yo, Adrian

2/28/04  You Can Go Home Again

2/21/04  Singing Their Praises

2/16/04  They Don't Ask How

2/7/04  The Road Less Traveled

1/31/04  The Lions Didn't Sleep Tonight

1/24/04  Travelin' Men

1/14/04  The Rich Get Richer

1/7/04  A Rose by Any Other Name

12/29/03  The Greatest Generation

12/22/03  The Grateful Gadsby

12/14/03  BCS, or BS

12/7/03 Old School All the Way

12/1/03  The Family Unit

11/24/03  Nov. 22 Will Live Forever

11/16/03  That Friday Night Feeling

11/7/03  How You Played the Game

11/1/03 Can't go Home Yet

10/23/03 When in Rome

10/18/03  Bright Lights, Big Games

10/13/03 #2 on the Roster, #1 in our Hearts

10/4/03 Dressing for Success

9/28/03 This Season's Weather

9/20/03 Road Kill Being Served

9/14/03 Lightning Striking Again

9/9/03  The Devil is in the Details

9/3/03  Cats, and Dogs

8/26/03  It's a Numbers Game

8/19/03 Getting Some Rays

8/12/03  Roger That!

8/7/03  The Wildcat Moniker

7/29/03  Taking the 5th

7/23/03  Surprise, Surprise

7/16/03  This Race is a Real Adventure

7/9/03  On the Record With Sam

7/4/03  The Girls of Summer

6/17/03  Built Novi Tough

6/11/03  School's Out - Forever

6/4/03 From Wildcat to Rocket to Royalty

5/27/03  Wildcats in 3-D

5/21/03  Novi's Own CC

5/14/03  The Magic Wizard

5/7/03  Just Win Baby

4/26/03  The Wild Ducks

4/16/03  Local Boys Make Great

4/6/03  This War is Real

4/2/03  March Madness

3/20/03  The Road to Glory

3/12/03  These 14 Came Within 14 of Perfection

3/7/03  The Freedom to be Valiant

3/2/03  Flexing Some Wildcat Muscle

2/23/03  The Big Three

2/16/03  The Patron Saint

2/10/03  The Next Level

2/3/03  One, Two, Three

1/26/03  It's Quite a Site

1/20/03  A Sign of Respect

1/12/03  Just You and Me

1/5/03  Fun with Numbers

12/26/02  How I Spent My Summer Vacation

12/16/02  Santa Delivers the Heisman

12/8/02  Tis the Season... for Family

12/2/02  They May Not be Perfect, but They're Official

11/22/02  Back on the Air

11/18/02  The Irony of It All

11/12/02  The Road Warriors

11/4/02  The Last Team Standing

10/29/02  October’s Magical Matchups Lead to Lightening in a Bottle

10/19/02  A Star May Win You One Game...

10/15/02  This Defense Never Rests

10/8/02  These Hawks Can Really Fly

10/1/02  Sometimes it is a Laughing Matter

9/24/02  Sometimes Lightning Does Strike Twice

9/17/02  Johnny U Was Quarterback U

9/10/02  More Than Just a Title

9/3/02  Novi’s Classy Fans Could Teach Philly Fanatics a Thing or Two

8/28/02  Novi's Top Ten List

8/20/02  The Sophomore Season

8/13/02  It's Like the Twilight Zone

8/6/02  Want to be in the Movies?

7/28/02  This is a World Series I hope they never cancel

7/22/02  These Bulls Ain't From Chicago

7/17/02 A Hole in ... Won?

7/7/02  Chewing Tobacco... or Cheeseburgers?

6/22/02  Buy Me Some Peanuts and...

6/18/02  A Real Dream Team

6/7/02  Great Scott, or Greatest Scott

5/16/02  Send Over Some of Your Old Motown Records

5/6/02  Boys (and Girls) of Summer

4/30/02  From Puerto Rico to Battle Creek

4/15/02  Cross Country, Cross the Country and the World

4/8/02  The Puck Stops Here

3/31/02  A Break in the Action

3/24/02  Like Father, Like Son(s)

3/12/02 Say Hello to Randy Auler

3/5/02  Curt Ellis -- A Man for All Seasons

2/25/02  Where are they now?  Where are you now?

2/16/02  Awards and Accolades for Novi, still going Strong

2/10/02  The Business of Covering Sport, may be even bigger than sport itself

  A Sport? Pom-Pon is 
not only a sport, It's all that and much more…

1/20/02 A visit to Copper Country made for some golden memories, as Novi Wildcat Hockey once again reached a new dimension.

Bernie Fratto
is a freelance writer, radio personality, and motivational speaker.  His passion for sports comes in part from his experience as a former Cincinnati Red farm- hand.  "Behind every sports story lies the hearts and minds of real human beings" said Fratto.  "These athletic endeavors often serve as a metaphor for the game we call life."

Bernie is also the voice of Novi Wildcat Hockey and host of Wildcat Face-off, a local radio program dedicated to youth sports in Novi.

  ~ The Editor